>> Aqua Series: Flower Water, Floral Water

Aqua Series are true partial extracts or by-products of the plant materials from which they are derived by using method of extraction and distillation. Aqua Series contains high proportion of water soluble compounds, which are retained by water during the extraction and distillation process. No synthetic fragrance components are dissolved in these products.

Aqua Series play an important role in skin care as they are mild in action, lack toxicity and are free of irritation. They are widely used in baby care, bath preparations, hair rinses, aftershave preparations and facial sprays.

>> SingleEx & PowdEx Series: Highly Purified Active Ingredients or Mixture in Powder For

Powdered active ingredients; highly purified single compound or blend of purified active compounds through the unique standardized extraction process of BioSpectrum. The standardized extracts are highly concentrated active herbals. They contain the complete profile of therapeutic constituents found in the herbs without any tampering or adulteration.