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- Liposome

Liposome is commonly used in dermal applications as protective systems for active ingredients and for their moisturizing properties. Liposome is a hollow sphere and capable of embracing both water-soluble and water-insoluble materials in one formulation. Proteins, peptides and other active ingredients can be contained together in one formulation. In addition, because the membrane of liposome is composed of lipid bilayer, which is very similar to human skin, liposome is very compatible with the skin and penetrates skin layers easily. In a clinical study, it was proven that liposome has cosmetic properties such as reducing wrinkles and increasing skin smoothness. Furthermore, liposome provides pharmaceutical effects like decreasing of efflorescence in acne treatment.

Liposome is a small vesicle with membranes composed of double layers of phospholipids. These phospholipids consist of a spherical hydrophilic component and a tail-shaped hydrophobic component. Under certain circumstances, they group themselves in a watery medium into spherical structures. This is achieved as the hydrophobic parts of the phospholipids fit together to form a double membrane, the outer layer of which is hydrophilic and the inner layer lipophilic. Therefore, the inside and the outside of a liposome are hydrophilic and the inside of the liposome membrane is lipophilic. Consequently, liposomes can absorb both water soluble active ingredients within the liposome and oil soluble ingredients in the liposome membrane, safely transporting these into the skin, especially the epidermis.

The Nano Lipo Technology (NLT) NanoSphere Series utilizes the special characteristics of liposome, delivering active ingredients to the action site with reduced systemic side effects. NLT NanoSphere Series provides excellent long-lasting moisturizing and biochemical effects. Furthermore, NLT NanoSphere Series makes it possible to produce functional skin care products that are easy to use and offer superb effects.

The Fast Multi Layered Technology (FMLT) MultiSpheres maximize the payloads of liposomes based on spontaneous association of multiple active ingredients. The FMLT MultiSpheres are highly efficient in entrapment and association of active ingredients. The multiple layers of membranes in the FMLT MultiSpheres increase the capacity of each liposome to carry ingredients by approximately 1000-folds. This makes it possible to anticipate 1000-fold of desired active effects. For topical applications, FMLT MultiSpheres are more effective because they increase the surface area of action sites in tissues. The hydrophobic coating of FMLT MultiSpheres enables liposomes to incorporate in most of cosmetic formulations except for cleansers.


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