>> ActiStem Series: Active for Beneficial Effects on Stem cells (Stem Cell Effects)

Stem cells are undifferentiated, pluripotent cells, which can renew themselves indefinitely. BioSpectrum has grafted this concept onto skin care field, and launched a product series called ActiStem. The Products in ActiStem Series act on stem cells, which are the most valuable factor in skin regeneration, And help your skin to maintain the physiological and biochemical homeostasis in three ways:

1. Boosting the activities of epidermal stem cells (Stem cell boosters)

Stem cell boosters provides energy to the stem cells in deep skin, which in turn help to rejuvenate the skin by restoring skin firmness with collagen production and by reducing the wrinkle formation.

2. Inhibiting the differentiation of adipose stem cells (Stem cell inhibitors)

The fat cells, or adipocytes, play a central role in the maintenance of lipid homeostasis and energy balance. By controlling the differentiation potential of adipocytes from preadipocytes, it’s possible to prevent the unwanted formation of cellulite and unwanted preservation of lipid in adipocytes.

3. Protecting the epidermal stem cells from harmful effects ro delay the senescence (Stem cell Protectors)

As known for many years, smoking, pollution, UV radiation, and etc. are the major detrimental factors responsible for skin aging. When those external factors reach the skin, toxins and free radicals are generated in skin, and this is not an exception for epidermal stem cells. Stem cell protectors protect the epidermal stem cells from harmful effects by external attacks, and help to recover and maintain the activities of epidermal stem cells.