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Review on HPCi 2017
Date : 2017-03-27
Name : BioSpectrum
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Review on HPCi 2017

BioSpectrum (CEO Deok Hoon Park) participated in HPCi 2017 from March 2nd to 3rd which was held at Bombay Convention & Exhibition Center, Mumbai, India. In this exhibition, BioSpectrum was the only Korean company with their own booth, and had many meetings with the customers from India and neighboring countries. 

Recently India has been actively encouraging the use of natural ingredients in the personal care products as a policy. In addition, consumers are also increasingly interested in anti-pollution products for their skin, which are made with natural ingredients. “Since the Indian market is highly interested in anti-pollution products, a large number of manufacturers visited the booth asked about the ingredients with anti-pollution claim”, and “similar with previous years, their interest in hair care products was still very high”, a BioSpectrum official said. To meet these market needs, BioSpectrum has focused on the series of anti-pollution ingredients, such as RedSnow®, Varrier, BioDTox, and hair-related ingredients, Emortal® Pep (Hair) and K-Oleo.

RedSnow®, made with Jeju-originated Camellia japonica flower petal extract, attracted many customers for its anti-oxidant, anti-aging, and anti-pollution efficacy. Since customer’s needs on the anti-pollution ingredient is getting increased in India, it is expected that the popularity of RedSnow® will continue for long time. Recent news about the application of RedSnow® to a famous brand’s eye cream in Korea made Indian customers get interested in RedSnow® more.

BioDTox™ is active ingredient for skin detoxification and its cell protection and skin cleansing efficacy against cytotoxic chemical and pollutants was verified with various experimental tests and clinical study. Since the people living in India highly concern about the effect of air pollution on their skin condition, BioSpectrum’s suggestion on the application of BioDTox™ to cleanser and SPA products attracted many customers.

Varrier ™ is an active ingredient that protects the skin from the risk of UV and restores skin damage caused by UV. It’s strong anti-oxidant efficacy and recovery efficacy have been verified through various in vitro experiments and clinical studies. “We suggested to the customers to apply Varrier™ to the conventional sunscreen for higher level of protection against the UV. The customers considered this suggestion positively”, BioSpectrum’s official said. In particular, restoration efficacy on skin circadian rhythm of Varrier™ appeared highly attractive for the customers who look for the ingredient with differentiated and unique concept.

Hair care is one of the strongest target in the personal care market of India. BioSpectrum introduced the active ingredient, Emortal® Pep (Hair) to the buyers. Emortal® Pep (Hair) promotes hair growth by activating the hair stem cell and its superior efficacy is verified with the clinical test on human scalp. In line with the Indian government policy that actively encouraging the use natural components for personal care product, BioSpectrum actively promoted K-Oleo™, made with five different natural plant extracts and oils. In addition to the previous data of hair shine, strengthening, and moisture-enhancing efficacy, K-Oleo™ was upgraded with recently added clinical data about nail strengthening and damage care to meet the variety of consumer's needs.

Dr. Elle Lim from BioSpectrum introduced three of anti-pollution active ingredients with the theme of ‘3-step solution for anti-pollution’ in the technical seminar session during the exhibition. "As the environmental pollution problem is getting worse every year, the market demand and concern about anti-pollution skin material will continue for a while. We are continuously developing new active ingredients for anti-pollution with different target", she said.

Since its strategic partnership with global chemical company Clariant, BioSpectrum has held internal seminars for Clariant before the exhibition. With this seminar, BioSpectrum is expecting the synergetic effect on the promotion from Clariant and their distributors. "We will continue to work closely with Clariant for global marketing and sales for our excellent active ingredients and for this, we sent our technical specialists to Clariant India branch in advance for HPCi exhibition”, a BioSpectrum official said. 

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