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Review on In-cosmetics 2016 in Paris
Date : 2016-12-30
Name : Biospectrum
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BioSpectrum (CEO Deok Hoon Park) received great attention at the In-cosmetics 2016 held in Paris, France from April 12th to 14th.

BioSpectrum had meetings with the buyers from Europe, United States, Africa and other countries to discuss about cosmetic ingredients. Also, BioSpectrum held the training session with the distributors all over Europe to promote new products and help them to understand the local market.

In-cosmetics is World’s the largest personal care ingredient exhibition, and was held for the first time in 1990. It is 26th in this year and more than 780 cosmetic ingredient companies from 40 countries participated in this exhibition, sharing up-to-date information on ingredients, research facilities, and test equipments.

BioSpectrum promoted more than 10 products during this exhibition, including Varrier, a natural UV protecting material launched this year. Especially, RedSnow, for anti-pollution, and Varrier, attracted the attention of the buyers.

RedSnow is a specially made product originated from Jeju camellia flower petal. In addition to the previous data for anti-oxidation and anti-wrinkle efficacy, the newly added anti-pollution data attracted the visitors who need the products that protect skin from various air pollutants.

 "We are expecting that the popularity of RedSnow will continue for some time, unless the air pollution problem is solved," said the official from BioSpectrum.

Varrier, a natural UV protective ingredient, is made with the extracts from four different berries. It reduces cell damage against UV exposure and especially, proposes a new concept of the circadian rhythm restoration of the cells as the strong point. It is regarded as more advantageous ingredient for UV protection compared to the conventional UV protectants.

Circadian clock is a 24-hour timing mechanism of living organism that is generated by the rotation of the earth on its axis. This circadian clock generates circadian rhythm on our genes, hormones, cells and even for the skin. When the circadian rhythm is disrupted by various factors including UV exposure, it generates various skin damages including aging and/or oxidation. "Varrier has demonstrated protection efficacy against UV in terms of restoring the circadian rhythm of cells destroyed by UV radiation," the official from BioSpectrum said.

In addition, MultiEx BSASM, the anti-inflammatory and anti-eczema ingredient, attracted a lot of visitors' attention and showed its status as the bestseller of BioSpectrum. Other active ingredients with 10 different claims, including, Akebisol for anti-aging, Dongbaek Oil™ for skin soothing, BioDTox™ for skin detoxification, and MadeWhite, for skin whitening were introduced to the visitors, as well.

In particular, through this exhibition, BioSpectrum concluded a strategic partnership agreement including equity investment with Clariant, a multinational company headquartered in Switzerland. “Based on their insights to the market from years of experience, collaborative research with Clariant, is expected to broaden the scale of our business, for example, nanotechnology, chemical engineering, agriculture, pharmaceuticals and new material development,” the officials from BioSpectrum said.

Through this exhibition, BioSpectrum once again raised the reputation of Korean cosmetics ingredient companies to the world. Exchange of the market status and product idea with the buyers provided a good opportunity to BioSpectrum to learn about the trends of global cosmetic market. BioSpectrum will participate in the in-cosmetics Korea that will be held in Seoul from July 6th to 7th, and promote BioSpectrum and their products more actively.

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