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Review on PCHI China 2016
Date : 2016-12-06
Name : BioSpectrum
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BioSpectrum attended PCHi China

BioSpectrum attended PCHi exhibition 2016 held in Shanghai, China this year and performed Asian market-focused promotion on their latest products and best-selling products. In this exhibition, formulators, manufacturers, R&D technologists and senior managers from more than 400 different companies from cosmetic ingredients, manufactory and packaging industries attended and provided great opportunity to obtain the valuable information for the participants.

BioSpectrum has participated in this exhibition for eight consecutive years and promoted our new products including RedSnow® for anti-pollution, Varrier™ for UV protection, and WhiteTen™ SL for whitening.

is a product made with Jeju Dongbaek flower extract for anti-oxidation, anti-wrinkle, and anti-pollution. Its efficacy on anti-pollution was proved with concrete experimental data. Nowadays the severe air pollution accompanied by fine dust caused by rapid industrialization is one of the biggest concern in China, therefore RedSnow® received great attention from many manufacturers targeting Chinese market. The air pollution problem is hard to solve in short time, as long as the air pollution problem exists, the customer’s demand on RedSnow® will continue meanwhile. Varrier™ is a natural UV protection product made with four different berry extracts. In addition to UV absorption effect, its unique feature that UV-caused cell damage reduction differentiates Varrier™ from other UV protecting products. WhiteTen™ SL is a natural whitening product made with ten different ingredients famous for whitening efficacy and meets higher demand on whitening product in Chinese market. Furthermore, provision of the eye cream samples that made with our own ingredients maximized the promotion effect.

In addition to the forenamed products, our best- and steady-seller
CalmYang® (BSASM™) still obtained big interests from the buyers in China. Superior performance of CalmYang® is recognized by many manufacturers and customers, thus its excellent reputation is maintaining in the market. We also promoted many of our products including EMortal™ for anti-aging, Dongbaek Oil™ for skin soothing, BioDTox™ for skin detoxification, and Waterin™ for moisturizing.

Dr. Ted Kim, Director of BioSpectrum, delivered a presentation during the exhibition with the theme of anti-pollution and detoxification. In accord with the recent trends on air pollution and related skin aging, many participants paid attention to our presentation covering recent research trends, experimental strategy for active compounds screening and efficacy test, and effective marketing strategies.

BioSpectrum will attend next year’s PCHi 2017 in Guangzhou.

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