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Name of MultiEx BSASM™ will be changed to CalmYang™ in Chinese market
Date : 2015-07-02
Name : Biospectrum
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About MultiEx BSASM™ Changing Name we notice as follows:

Name of our best seller product MultiEx BSASM™ will be changed to CalmYang™, because there was a company registering our products name -BSASM- as their trademark and also fake products are produced since BSASM is getting famous in cosmetics ingredient market.

BioSpectrum, Inc. would like to prevent any problems occurred by tradename in Chinese market by changing name of our product. Although the dispute about trademark is being resolved and we are taking action to solve the problem as for BSASM fake products, we announce that we provide MultiEx BSASM™ produced after July 1st 2015 as the name of CalmYang™ in market.

We are registering CalmYang™ as trademark in market now. Once registration is done, BSASM™ name will be changed to CalmYang.

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