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Review on In-Cosmetics 2015 Barcelona
Date : 2015-06-05
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BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Dr. Park) participated in In-Cosmetics 2015 which was held in Barcelona, Spain on 14th to 16th of April. 

In-Cosmetics is the annual professional show for cosmetic ingredients targeted for professionals in related field. It introduces various technical information and market trend. During the show, it’s possible to exchange the information on newly developed ingredients or new concepts on cosmetics. 

At In-Cosmetics 2015, BioSpectrum introduced its active ingredients, focus on anti-oxidation and anti-pollution ingredient (RedSnow) and UV protection ingredient (VageStop) and best selling product (BSASM).  

RedSnow is natural extract from Camellia Japonica Flower. Camellia japonica is one of the best known species of camellia and the plant is generally called “Dongbaek” in Korea and “Tsubaki” in Japan. Camelia Japonica oil had been using traditionally from old times but flower extract is not focused for cosmetic usage. Recently, BioSpectrum, Inc had been studied that RedSnow shows strong anti-oxidation, anti-inflammation and collagen boosting efficacy. Moreover, BioSpectrum, Inc has been figured out that RedSnow has anti-pollution effect as well. 

VageStop is ingredient developed by BioSpectrum, Inc. contains at least 0.5% of the veratric acid. Veratric acid is one of the major benzoic acid derivatives from medicinal mushrooms such as Sparassis crispa. Sparassis crispa is known as Cauliflower mushroom by its unique look. Cauliflower mushroom has several biological functions such as anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, antispasmodic and anti-oxidative effects. However, it has rarely been applied in cosmetics area and BioSpectrum, Inc. has discovered its protection effect on UVB-induced damage of skin cells.

BSASM is a best selling product and received huge attention from the visitors continuously because of its great anti-inflammation, anti-oxidation and soothing effects.

Our existing customer and potential customer showed high interest in Bio-Spectrum’s RedSnow and VageStop and BSASM. 

BioSpectrum also introduced hair growth product (EMortal Pep), Natural preservative product (Naturotics Plus), Anti-wrinkle products (AkebiSol and Fuligo), Skin soothing and hearing product (BSASM), Detoxification ingredient (BioDTox) and Skin whitening products (HodVital).

In particular, BioSpectrum had been requested technical cooperation from major companies due to our innovated technology and products. 

BioSpectrum was making efforts to satisfy the manufactures by providing detailed information, samples and planning to focus on product promotion with local agent actively. 

Next year’s In-Cosmetics show will be held in Paris, France on 12th to 14th of April. We appreciate all who visited our booth during show for your cooperation.

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