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Review on HPCi India 2015
Date : 2015-06-05
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BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Deokhoon Park) participated in ‘HPCi (Home and Personal Care Ingredients) India 2015’ in Mumbai, India on 4th to 5th of March. Mumbai which held HPCi is the second city in India. HPCi exhibition is a place to exhibit a variety of new products and service related with the ingredients required for home and personal care. The exhibition helps the industry to experience the latest products and developments and to discuss the technologies of the ingredients. All the exhibitors and visitors have a great opportunity to connect and interact with the professionals and other attendees who was present during the show.


At HPCi India 2015, BioSpectrum introduced active ingredients – VageStop, BioDtox, RedSnowⓡ, Emortal Pep.

VageStop is developed as a photoprotector against UV damage. VageStop™ contains veratric acid which is one of the major benzoic acid derivatives from vegetables and fruits.

BioDTox is a cosmetic ingredient developed as a skin detoxifier from Citrus flavonoids, Brassica sulforaphane and Aloe polyphenols. BioDTox™ can stimulate strongly phase 2/anti-oxidant enzymes in keratinocyte cells and the combined activity helps to protect skin cells against toxins and reactive, dangerous molecules.

RedSnow is developed as an anti-oxidation and anti-wrinkle material made from ‘Camellia Japonica Flower’.

Emortal Pep is natural hair-regeneration material made from ‘Pisum sativum’. It can protect hair cells by promoting collagen synthesis.


Along with these 4 products, six products for skin whitening (WhiteTen, HodVital), Soothing (MultiEx BSASM), body-slimming (IsoNari), anti-wrinkle (Akebisol), and natural emulsifier (cellike) were introduced during the show.

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