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BioSpectrum at In-Cosmetics Asia 2013 (Bangkok)
Date : 2013-12-16
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BioSpectrum, Inc., in In-Cosmetics Asia 2013 in Bangkok


BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Dr. Park) participated in In-Cosmetics Asia 2013 Bangkok, Thailand from October 29th to 31st.

In-Cosmetics Asia is an annual professional exhibition for cosmetic ingredients targeted for specialists in related fields. This exposition introduces various technical information and current market trend. During the show, it is possible to share the information about newly developed ingredients and new concepts.

At In-Cosmetics Asia 2013, BioSpectrum introduced its newly launched active ingredients, which are “VageStop”, protecting ingredient against ultraviolet (UV)-induced damage and “AkebiSol”, an effective anti-aging ingredient.

VageStop, cauliflower mushroom extract (Sparassis crispa), is a powerful antioxidant and exerts excellent protection of skin cell from UV damage. VageStop, major active compound veratric acid, inhibits UV-induced responses such as formation of cyclobutane pyrimidine dimer, release of inflammatory cytokines. Furthermore it helps to recover reduced cellular viability by UV and boost collagen synthesis in the skin cell. Therefore, VegaStop acts as a strong protector from UV damage.

AkebiSol, akebia fruit extract (Akebia quinata(Thunb.) Decne), is an effective anti-aging active and has excellent hydrating properties. It strongly inhibits the process of advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that are found in high amounts in aging cells, referring to as glycation. AkebiSol delays aging process and preserve the skin’s structure and quality. At the same time, AkebiSol enhances the skin hydrating using special ingredients from akebia fruit extract.

Other than those two main newly developed ingredients, BioSpectrum also introduced 7 other ingredients; “WhiteTen” and “MelaNo” for skin whitening effect, “Dongbaek (Tsubaki) Oil” for anti-wrinkle, “ActiStem Gold Nest” for cell rejuvenation, “MultiEx BSASM (ECO)” for skin soothing effect, “EMortal Pep (Hair)” for hair growth, and “BioDTox” for skin detoxification.

BioSpectrum has made effort to satisfy the manufactures by providing detailed information and several samples for trial. BioSpectrum has a plan to work with many other distributors in overseas and go to a business trip to support them in near future.

Next year’s In-Cosmetics exhibition will be held in Hamburg, Germany from April 1st to 3rd.

BioSpectrum Inc. will also be attending HPCi 2014 Mumbai from February 5th to 6th and PCHi Shanghai from February 19th to 21st in 2014.

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