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BioSpectrum at In-Cosmetic 2013 Paris
Date : 2013-12-16
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BioSpectrum, Inc. (CEO. Dr. Park)

Participated in In-Cosmetics 2013 which was held in Paris, France on 16th to 18th of April.


In-Cosmetics is the annual professional show for cosmetic ingredients targeted for professionals in related field. It introduces various technical information and market trend. During the show, it’s possible to exchange the information on newly developed ingredients or new concepts on cosmetics.


At in-Cosmetics 2013, BioSpectrum introduced our active ingredients, focus on Botox like anti-wrinkle ingredient (MyriTox) and Skin Detoxification ingredient (BioDTox).


MyriTox is extract of blueberry and contained enriched flavonoid called myricetin. Previous data reported that myricetin has variety health benefits such as antioxidant, blood sugar benefit, eye health, anti-cancer, etc. Most of all, MyriTox works wirnkle eraser according to interfere transmitters for muscle movement like Botox. However, it doesn’t need to be injected and has no-side effects.


BioDTox is both a detoxification enzyme activator and powerful anti oxidant ingredient mixed together with Citrus flavonoids, Brassica sulforaphane and Aloe polyphenols. BioDTox can inhibit phase I enzymes and to strongly stimulate phase II/anti oxidant enzymes in keratinocyte cultures. The combined activity helps to protect skin cells against toxins and reactive, dangerous molecules.


Our existing customer and potential customer showed high interest in Bio-Spectrum’s new Botox like ingredient (MyriTox) and BioDTox.


BioSpectrum also introduced hair growth product (EMortal Pep), Natural preservative product (Naturotics Forte), Anti-wrinkle products (Dongbaek oil and HerbEx Korean Ginseng), Body sliming product (IsoNari) and Skin whitening products (MelaNo and WhiteTen).


In particular, BioSpectrum had been requested technical cooperation from major companies due to our innovated technology and products.


BioSpectrum was making efforts to satisfy the manufactures by providing detailed information, samples and planning to focus on product promotion with local agent actively.


Next year’s In-Cosmetics show will be held in Hamburg, Germany on 1st to 3rd of April.


We appreciate all who visited our booth during show for your cooperation.



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